WordPress Training Training for NMSU Enterprise WordPress sites

WordPress allows you to develop and update NMSU webpages online with a simple Content Management System (CMS) interface while taking advantage of applying the newly re-freshed NMSU brand web templates.  When using NMSU Enterprise WordPress you will be able to create, edit, and manage web-pages in a user friendly environment.


This site provides an introduction to the process of building a new site or migrating an existing site into NMSU Enterprise WordPress. This site also acts as a resource to ask questions, view upcoming training events, and participate in the NMSU Campus Web Group on Yammer.

Here are the basic steps to get started with a Web site using NMSU Enterprise WordPress.


NMSU faculty and staff may request Enterprise WordPress accounts in order to create Web sites for university business. NMSU students, faculty and staff that want to create personal or student organization sites can gain access to WordPress using the wordpress.nmsu.edu service.

Request a WordPress Site

If connecting from off-campus, NMSU VPN is required to access the request form.


Learn about using NMSU Enterprise WordPress as a solution for developing your department Web site. On this site you will find some basic information to get you started.

Start learning


If you already have a Website that you would like to migrate into WordPress you’ll need some assistance to get started. 人民法院报 - chinacourt.org:2021-10-27 · “院长信箱”是黑龙江法院网69个栏目中的重要栏目之一,旨在便利群众反映问题,开通民意网上直通车。黑龙江高院还制定了《“院长信箱”所涉案件、事项办理工作的实施细则》,规范信箱留言的梳理、批转、办理和答复等流程。

» Learn more about migrating your existing site to WordPress


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